The BraunebergThe estate Willi Haag cultivates 6.5 hectares of vineyards in steep, partly extremely steep location. The weather-beaten slate soil domination in the vineyards is perfectly suitable for the cultivation of the Riesling grape.

60 hl of wine per hectare are produced on average. 50% are left naturally sweet, the remainder are produced dry or semidry in equal shares.

Brauneberger Juffer SonnenuhrThe steep slope opposite the small town Brauneberg is called 'Juffer'. Within the ‘Juffer’ the very best vineyards are situated aroud the sundial (german: Sonnenuhr) and are therefore named ‘Juffer Sonnenuhr’. The ‘Juffer Sonnenuhr’ is one of the top German locations for winegrowing - Riesling cultivation is mandatory here.
View from the BraunebergThe promotion of wine-growing on the steep slopes and, connected with that, the preservation of this cultural landscape is part of the philosophy of the Haag family. Great importance is as well attached to the cultivation of the Riesling grape, which is typical for the Moselle. Vineyards on steep slopes have a share of 95% and the Riesling is represented at 100%.